A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

- - TESTING  - -

Manifest Order: Hemlock is a detective adventure game currently being developed by solo dev CasualBebop.  

This page has been set up to allow people to test the game and provide feedback.

"The streets of neon and glass drip in absolute crimson anticipation. Condensation and smog forms and clogs the streets as people make their way to and fro, back and forth, going away and coming too, leaving the air sickly and sweet"

- - What is Manifest Order: Hemlock - -

Manifest Order: Hemlock will be a semi-sandbox Detective game. You will find and piece together various fragments of information from around the world, and will then be asked to solve each case by building a Network Theory. This game aims to put you in the role of the great fictional detectives like Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot.


Travel through Hemlock City, discover it's secrets and meet unique characters.


Examine the areas and information you think relate to each case. Pull on the threads and see where they take you.


Decipher the information to arrive at your own conclusion. Prove your conclusion by building a Network Theory of entities and supporting evidence.

- Discord https://discord.gg/p8jauE3

- Twitter https://twitter.com/Casual_Bebop

- Tumblr https://casualbebopdev.tumblr.com/

- - Credits - -

Mr. Eisinger: music, sound, story and world building

Ms. Horwood: story and world building

PoeticAllusions: programming & game design

Launchable Socks: music and sound


Velocity Total Solutions: Testing


- - Current Test Phase - -

I started development  in October 2019 and have been working to create a playable demo, which will eventually become the introduction case in the full game. Currently there is only one way to solve this case, but the aim is add in multiple solutions. In order to do this, I need to know the potential combinations of entities and evidence that you think should work!

Important Feedback

- Screenshots or explanations of your Network Theories

- General feedback about the demo

- Bugs!

Leaving Feedback:

- Open a new topic in the Community section below,

- Email casualbebop@casualbebop.com

- DM or Tweet  https://twitter.com/Casual_Bebop

- Join the Discord https://discord.gg/p8jauE3


ManifestOrder_Hemlock_PCDemoV1.2.zip 35 MB
ManifestOrder_Hemlock_LinuxDemoV1.2.zip 35 MB
ManifestOrder_Hemlock_MacDemoV1.2.zip 35 MB

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